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Tradingtips week 40 2015

currency-goldThis week’s hot tip is for the Euro to fall against the dollar. The Euro’s decline of recent months against the dollar halted over the past couple of weeks but we believe this is just a temporary lull.

Most forecasters expect the Euro to continue its slide this year against all major currencies with many expecting it to hit parity or below against the dollar.

We simply have so many crisis happening in and around the Eurozone; the struggling economies of most of the Eurozone countries, the crisis in Ukraine, with the spectre of war on the Eurozone’s doorstep, sanctions against Russia, which also of course effect Eurozone exports, particularly from those who normally do a lot of trade with Russia, like Germany, Poland and other Eastern Eurozone countries, and most of all because of Greece and the real possibility of it defaulting and leaving the Eurozone.

Some potentially good news was the Quantitative Easing that was announced last month by the European Central Bank, which is set to begin in March. Hopefully this will give the Eurozone economy a badly needed boost but it will also further weaken the value of the Euro.

There simply is too much pressure in our opinion for the Euro to go yet another week without declining against the dollar.

We therefore recommend selling the Euro versus the Dollar.