Trade Binary Options 2015

Stocks week 40 2015

BN-GX851_baiduh_G_20150212004234BAIDU is as close as you can get to a dead cert to grow not just this year but over the coming years. Chinese internet usgae is still undergoign a signifcant expansion and BAIDU is by far the biggest search engine in China, you could call it the Google of China. Baidu has invested in the vast Chinese mobile phne market and that is also paying dividends.

BAIDU is set to report today and positive news is expected. Revenues have been increasing rapidly year on year and are expected to rise again by over 30% in 2015. This past month has seen Baidu slide a bit but don’t expect that slide to continue, already in the past 24 hours the stock has been climbing amid these positive expectations of the outcome of that report.

In our opinion that gives you two choices, invest in this stock expecting it to go UP for a short period before the report comes out, i.e. if you don’t want to risk the possibility of the report being worse than expected. Alternatively wait for the full report and then invest in the stock to go up or down based on the details of the report. Either way, BAIDU is the one to watch over the next 24-48 hours.